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Marketing Services

Lifestyle Marketing

CEG provides your brand /event with visual coverage throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, targeting various lifestyle stores. CEG has developed a promotional route of approximately 250 locations consisting of record retailers, laundramats, bookstores, restaurants, outdoor/indoor bulletin boards and other high trafficked lifestyle locations (i.e. cafes, bars, clothing retailers, head shops) throughout New York. *Promotional routes cover the East Village, West Village, Greenwich Village/NYU area, the Upper West Side/Columbia University (NYC), and Williamsburg, Greenpoint (Brooklyn).

These locations are perfect for promoting your brand/event as they are places where New Yorkers shop and hang out. Over the past few years, CEG has developed relationships with these local business owners and managers that lead to key placement of your posters and handbills within each location.

Hand to Hand Promotion

CEG utilizes their years of experience in concert promotion in a way for others to benefit from their knowledge and insight of promoting in and around New York City, where competition is fierce, entertainment options are infinite, and there’s a never-ending barrage of advertising and promotion. We focus on making your event or brand break through the clutter. The key is targeting your marketing efforts to reach an audience that will be interested in your brand or event, and that is what our expertise enables us to do. Hand to hand marketing directed at targeted audiences is an optimal way to make an impression.

CEG provides solutions to pinpoint and reach your target consumer in a direct and personal manner. Our reps hand out samples or detailed printed material about your event or brand. We can design and create printed materials that will make a great impression while getting the message across in the most effective manner. While many other brands and events take a blind approach, the hand to hand method bypasses the clutter and puts the product directly into the consumer’s hand. Our seasoned team of promotion reps frequent live concerts, large scale events, high traffic areas, and subways.